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Welcome to ADHD Gaming, we are a like-minded group of gamers who mostly play on PC but a few of us also have consoles, we aren’t really sufferers of ADHD (That we know of), but we are gamers that like to play multiple games and we tend to play one or two games solidly for a month or two and then move on to another title. The name ADHD Gaming came about after we got called it by other gamers due to the way we get almost all the new titles and early access games, play them non-stop get others to buy it and then just throw the game to one side to hit up the next new title that hits the market. So, we play with anyone who uses in-game V.O.I.P, or joins our Discord who is mature enough to play with dare I say it “older gamers”, most of us stream over on Twitch.tv as well and you will find videos, live streams and pages to some of us on this site. So that is how the name came to be, but that isn’t what we strive to achieve A.D.H.D Gaming is actually short for "All Day High Definition Gaming" and we aim, to provide a place for the smaller streamers to have their channels aired on the internet in one place. So, if you are a smaller streamer and would like to show up on our Smaller Streamers page, just join our Discord and then ask Smokedog77 and he will get you added, it is as simple as that. You can also join our Facebook group using the link below and ask on there too.


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